The Baratheon Suite on the ground floor consists of a board room (the observation room) with a 10 person capacity, and a testing room (capacity for up to six people if running a focus group) on the ground floor. Below on the left you can see the boardroom observation room, and on the right you can see the testing room with the cameras set up.


DSC_0022-small  DSC_0026-small DSC_0023-small


The Targaryen Suite is on the first floor and is a softer (two piece) suite UX lab option. The sofa observation room can hold six people (two on beanbags) whilst the testing room  is for one user with a UX consultant next to them.


DSC_0016-small DSC_0007-small DSC_0015-small


The observation screens in each suite allow viewing the user’s screen on the 42 inch LCD screen, whilst also viewing the user’s facial expressions on one monitor and their body language from the side on another monitor. Sessions are captured using Morae software.  Both observation rooms come with magnet walls for recording observations. We also have a reception room for users-in-waiting equipped with coffee and tea facilities.


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